Downloads: Desktop Mascots

Today I think I’ll share my knowledge of these lovely creatures with you~

Desktop Mascots are basically little programs that either sit on top of your program window or run around the screen causing chaos. Here’s a screen shot I took of a couple of the mascots I’ve downloaded:

I couldn’t put all of them up there, because all these little bastards make my computer extremely slow =( I usually just keep one or two on my screen at a time ( I currently have Minimoose and Miku on my screen) I don’t really remember where I got them all, but I’ll try to give as much advice to finding them as I can. Also, to download the mascots you will need the WinRAR program to open the mascot files. Click here to go to the download page. Now, lets get on to the individual mascots!

 Vocaloid and Durarara Mascots – These mascots will wander around the edges of your screen; sitting on the start bar and climbing the screen walls. Sometimes they are also able to walk on an open window. These are the newest mascots to my collection, and the most mischevious! These mascots constantly multiply – they create duplicate copies of themselves. Once I left a Miku mascot on over night, and when I got on the computer the next morning there were dozens of Mikus running rampant on my screen! And once, an Izaya mascot acually threw my Internet window off of the screen! I never got it back! Over all, these mascots are the most chaotic, most entertaining mascots I have. The Vocaloid pack comes with Kaito, Len, Rin, Miku, and a sketch version of Miku. The Durarara download comes with Izaya, Kida, and Mikado. You can download them here

K-On! Mascots – The K-On! mascots come in a large K-On! download that also includes K-ON! wallpapers, clocks, and more. The K-On! mascots have no boundaries, so they wander where ever they want on your screen. They can also wander off the screen and return in a few minutes. If you want to keep your mascots in place, though, they come with a table that you can sit them at. All five of the characters are included. I believe you can download them here , too.

Otaku Mascot (Minimoose) – this is an English desktop mascot program. It is not at the top of my list of favorite mascots, but it does have some good points. The program allows you to design your own desktop mascots, which is awesome, but I never got around to it =P Besides that, the program is mostly annoying. It opens up automatically when you start the computer, and interferes when you try to use a search bar, or whenever you need to type something. The program only comes with two mascots, both original to the creators of the program. I did find a list of Invader Zim mascots that someone created for the program, but I don’t remember where I found it. I had downloaded minimoose, mimi, and two gir mascots from the list. The Otaku Mascot website is here. EDIT: Found the Invader Zim mascots! Click here.

Negima Mascots – These guys are very well behaved =) They sit on top of either the start menu or an open window. These characters will also talk if you click on them, and there is also a way to change their clothing. No nudity though 😉 The download comes with (keep in mind i don’t know who many of thses character acually are!) Asuna, Ayaka, Chachamaru, Chisame, Chi-u, Evangeline, Konoka, Ku-Fei, Nodoka, Setsuna, and Yue. I don’t remember where I downloaded these, but you can probably just Google them.

L Mascot – I love L ^^ I think he’s the first mascot I downloaded. He doesn’t interact with anything, and doesn’t move. Still, having an adorable little L on my screen melts my heart =) I don’t have the download site for him either, but try Google.

Chobits Mascots – Oops, forgot to take a screenshot of this one. Anyway, the Chobits mascots are just like the Negima ones, except they can’t change outfits, and they’re a bit bigger. This download includes Chii, Freya, Kotoko, Sumomo, Yumi, and Yuzuki. Once again, I don’t know the website I got it from.

Thats all the mascots I could find ^^ Bye!

And by the way . . .

 =D yes~


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